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St Peters Uniting Church

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St Peters Uniting Church is at 9 Church Lane, Hobbys Yards, and is one of the two preaching places of Neville/Hobbys Yards Congregation. the other being Neville Uniting Church.


There is a regular service at Hobbys Yards on the first Sunday of the month, at 9:30 am, with morning tea afterwards, and another at Neville on the third Sunday. Many members of the congregation also attend services at Caloola Union Church, and the two churches endeavour not to schedule services that clash.


See coming events for details.


St Peters is the only church in Hobbys Yards, but there is also a Presbyterian church in Neville, at the corner of Carcoar and Crouch Streets.


There is normally no service at Hobbys Yards in January, and some variation during the rest of the year (for example to avoid local road closures for the B2B bike race and the Carcoar Cup if these fall on the first or third Sundays of the month). So if planning to attend it's wise to check in the local newspaper or with the webservant.  


The Hobbys Yards churchyard contains many historic graves, but is closed for new burials. A new Hobbys Yards cemetery is located in Cemetery Lane, which is about 2km to the North, towards Newbridge along Three Brothers Road.


External links

Congregational website and contact details  


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From the North, Winter 2015




From the South, Summer 2017

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