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The Village

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Hobbys Yards

is a friendly, community-minded hamlet and locality in Blayney Shire.


See The Locality for details of the surrounding area.


The "village" (it's not one technically as it has no commercial premises) consists of a church, the Community Hall, and nine houses, in three streets: Hobbys Yards Road, Three Brothers Road, and Church Lane.


It is about 20km South of Blayney or 50km South of Bathurst, driving towards Goulburn, in fact it's where those two routes meet up if you take the more scenic but slightly longer and slower route from Bathurst to Goulburn via Wimbledon and Newbridge rather than via Caloola. This scenic route is also more prone to stock and wildlife on the road, particularly kangaroos between Wimbledon and Newbridge, but has the advantage of a pub and several galleries in Newbridge (restricted opening hours, so check them before setting your route in concrete) There's also a public toilet in Newbridge, and the last reliable mobile coverage for some miles. 


Or in more detail, Hobbys Yards is at the T intersection where Hobbys Yards Road from Blayney turns right to lead to Trunkey Creek. Hobbys Yards Road technically ends at Trunkey Creek when it joins the main Bathurst-Crookwell road which then continues to Crookwell and then to Goulburn. And following extensive recent roadworks, it's good bitumen all the way..


At its Blayney end, Hobbys Yards Road starts at another prominent T intersection where the Mid Western Highway turns right just before leaving Blayney towards Cowra. Turn left instead and you're in Hobbys Yards Road heading for Hobbys Yards.  


The other branch of the T at Hobbys Yards, on your left if coming from Blayney, is Three Bothers Road. It starts at Hobbys Yards and leads North to Newbridge, which is its other end. If you then turn right at Newbridge into Caloola Road, and keep straight ahead where that road turns left and becomes gravel, that takes you along Wimbledon Road through Wimbledon and eventually through Georges Plains and Perthville to Bathurst, again on sealed roads all the way.   


The only other street in Hobbys Yards (the village) is Church Lane, which was created when Hobbys Yards Road was rerouted to the other side of the church and two other properties, which are now in Church Lane. But most if not all road databases do not know that Church Lane exists, and instead identify these three addresses as still being in Hobbys Yards Road. Church Lane is a closed to through traffic, the right-of-way at the Blayney end having been sold and the two bridges across Coombing Creek being unsuitable for vehicles, so if your GPS tells you to drive in from that direction it is telling lies. You can't. The only access to Church Lane is from the Three Brothers Road end.


The Old Lachlan Road runs through Hobbys Yards (the locality), and on the map it provides a shortcut from Three Brothers Road to Hobbys Yards Road, but it is unsealed and that section of it rather rough, so even in a four wheel drive the longer route is much quicker. And there are many other streets in the locality, most of them farm lanes leading to homesteads and named after the original owners.


The village and the surrounding locality had almost two hundred residents at last census.



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